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This is a book of historical fiction and psychological intrigue that explores the universal and timeless malignance of the compassionless among us while bringing to life the world of the ancient Bronze Age Aegean.

The Minoan Psychopath, W. Sheppard Baird

The Minoan Psychopath, W. Sheppard Baird

"The Minoan Psychopath is part history, mystery, and adventure rolled into a very engaging story. It starts out quickly, introducing you to the hero and the culture of ancient Minoa. The history was fascinating to me. To think that there was a culture this advanced so long ago is amazing. The technology and sophistication they had was very interesting to read. Mr. Baird doesn't bog you down in the details as he weaves the story into them. He moves the story along nicely as you get deeper into a murder plot and political intrigue. He also finds the time to stage a major military engagement in the middle of all this. Underlying the action is a serious study of the "psychopath." He goes into the mind of the "Others", as he calls them, and comes out with an informative diagnosis of the symptoms and dangers of the psychopaths that lived then and still live among us. The end will stun you and leave you wanting more and I for one will eagerly devour the next offering from this author."

Review - Michael F.

Minoan La Parisienne Fresco, Knossos, Crete

The Minoan Psychopath

La Parisienne Fresco
Knossos, Crete, Greece

The Minoan Psychopath is a stunning work of historical fiction from W. Sheppard Baird. It takes the reader on an amazing action-filled journey into the ancient Aegean world of the Minoans just before the titanic explosion of the Theran (Santorini, Greece) marine volcano in 1630 B.C. A thrilling psychological mystery and epic adventure the story pits Samra, a potent "Master of the Way", against the brilliant psychopathic murderers of his father and their schemes against him in the name of envy, avarice, and political ambition.

Just after being assigned to stop a horrific serial child killer that had been terrorizing Knossos for many months Samra is inexplicably reassigned to an extremely dangerous naval operation in Egypt. He suspects a plot at the highest level to divert and murder him. He is forced to use all of his powerful mental techniques in "Nature's Way" to somehow survive to discover those who would kill him and who might lead to the murderers of his father. His formidable psychopathic adversaries that he calls the "Others" are filled with venomous hatred as they subtly challenge his every move. Explore his mind as he uses his life-long training in the "Method" to detect their true character as every person that's capable of compassion in our own time should do.

Wherever they go the "Others" plant the seeds of chaos, anger, greed, and irrational anxiety in the minds of anyone they can influence, persuade, and ultimately infect. The compassionate must be aware and able to defend themselves from an early age for they are reptiles without conscience that feed on us by manipulating our empathy. Beware the "Others" for they are out there without a doubt. They are the true foundation of all human evil.

Sail with Samra on Admiral Cronymartis' advanced fleet of Aegean long ships in a desperate attempt to rescue the King's treasury from Canaanite Avaris before its imminent fall to the massive armies of the Egyptians. His path leads to an astonishing, colossal ending amid one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history - the incredible explosion of the "Ringed Islands of Thera". It devastated a huge area of the Aegean Sea not only from the earthquakes and ashfall but from the incredible death winds of superheated gas that traveled at hyper-hurricane speeds over water to incinerate every living thing in their path.

The book is a vibrant, visionary illumination of a tumultuous time with startling clarity and realism. No figment of imagination or speculation, it is the result of the author's extensive research using the best scientific evidence available in an attempt to recreate their world in the truest possible light. W. Sheppard Baird takes you back in time to witness the past in a way you will never forget. It was a time at the dawn of science; humanity's greatest weapon against irrationality and chaos. But it was no match for the catastrophe that forever changed the world.

W. Sheppard Baird