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As the creator of this Minoan Atlantis website you should know that I actually could care less about Atlantis. The name of the website is a reflection of the thought - if there ever was an Atlantis it was most probably the highly advanced Minoan civilization and their "Ringed Islands of Thera" whose marine volcano colossally erupted somewhere around 1600 BC. This titanic eruption changed the economic and political fundamentals of the entire Mediterranean basin.

My decision to write "The Minoan Psychopath" was based on a heartfelt desire to help people better understand the timeless and universal malignance of the psychopaths among us so compassionate empathic people can better defend themselves and their children. Everyday we see acts in the media of senseless chaos, mayhem, and destruction committed on the innocent. Whether it's a schoolroom of 10 year old girls being gunned down or somebody being abducted, murdered, or worse, most people perceive it as an endless theatre of incomprehensible self-obsessed criminal behavior. Yet only rarely is the true cause of this abberance ever mentioned or discussed by reporters or media analysts. The great mass of people are simply left with a profound feeling of resignation, hopelessness, sympathy for the victims, and relief it wasn't them.

Most of us believe that some people are just "crazy", this is the way life is, and there is little anyone can do except lock up those that are caught. But with the help of modern psychology and neuroscience this is no longer true! Humanity has been blessed with the work of giants like Hervey Cleckley and Robert Hare who have greatly contributed to finally giving humanity the knowledge of the true nature of this evil in our midst. More importantly, they have given us the ability to detect them by observing their behavior. Anyone can do it if they possess the knowledge. This is the most significant discovery the science of psychology has ever made. If everyone could learn just one concept from psychology this is the single most important and practical of them all.

That lesson is quite simply there are some of us whose defective brains are completely incapable of feeling compassion or empathy for others. The human struggle between good and evil is more accurately described as a struggle between the compassionate and those incapable of it. In the words of Robert Hare they are "Without Conscience". This is the main theme of my book "The Minoan Psychopath". It is written to help alleviate the damage and destruction caused by our eternal plague of the mind - psychopathy.


An unintended consequence of my book's research project developed when I decided to use the ancient Aegean as the setting for it's characters. It was a period I had always been interested in and thought it would be a good way to express the timelessness of my main theme. Naturally I wanted the book's backdrop and characters to be portrayed as accurately as possible so I initiated a rigorous program of investigation to that end. My normal "no stone unturned using the best resources available" approach produced a great deal of information and as many questions regarding the archaeology of the time. I came to a point where I felt that some of the theories used to explain the evidence were incomplete or logically weak. Things just didn't seem to add up, so I re-intensified my research to include the building of a large geospatial archaeological and mineralogical database of Europe and the Mediterranean basin using Google Earth. I tried my best to have everything of relevance mapped and over time came to develop a new set of ideas for the way things actually were in that time. Some of which are expressed on this website.

In addition to developing a new theory for the Minoan civilization's collapse that implicates pyroclastic surge activity (volcanic death winds of superheated gas) from the massive eruption of the Theran (Santorini, Greece) marine volcano in about 1630 B.C., the evidence and highly probable clues left by their civilization throughout the Greater Mediterranean have led me to a new interpretation of European Prehistory. If the hypothesis that the Los Millares culture ("Culture of the Thousands") in Spain which has been radiocarbon dated to well before 3000 B.C. was actually an Aegean Minoan gold and silver mining colony is validated by science the implications are very far-reaching.

If true, the Minoan civilization was really a vast Mediterranean maritime empire that later expanded its trade routes into the Atlantic to acquire tin from Britain. Their naval power and shipping may have completely dominated the entire Mediterranean Sea for over 2,000 years until the eruption of the Theran volcano. Not only does this place the Minoans in southern Spain at the "Pillars of Hercules", but the sheer size of their empire makes them appear much more like Plato's description of Atlantis. More profoundly, it ultimately leads to the origins of the Sea Peoples and the chaos and destruction that occurred at the end of the Bronze Age.

February 2, 2008

W. Sheppard Baird