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A Collection of 20 Paintings each with over 70 Art Products is the official website of author, artist, and prehistorian W. Sheppard Baird that serves as a platform for the presentation of his works in the arts and sciences for all.

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Viking Yachts advertisements on: The Origin of the Sea Peoples:

Many Viking Yacht enthusiasts sailing the Mediterranean today may not know about the Sea Peoples and the effect they had on Late Bronze Age societies. Studying some Mediterranean history before looking at the newest Viking Yachts for sale will help boaters understand the archaeological sites throughout the area.

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United Yachts advertisements on: Minoan Ship Construction:

Modern boat builders have learned a lot from the ancient Minoan ships and the shape of their hulls. Power Catamarans For Sale also used a flared bow to help with steering in rough seas.

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SI Yachts advertisements on: Minoan Sea Daffodils 'Lilies' Fresco Restoration:

Cruising the southern tip of Greece is an excellent way to explore the coastline and the local art galleries. Many boaters decorate their Prestige Yachts for sale with local paintings and sculptures from Santorini and surrounds regions.

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Any other advertisement compaigns on: The Early Minoan Colonization of Spain:

Archaeologists have been able to discover what kinds of food and drink the Minoans ate and drank from the residue left in ancient storage vessels. Today the people of Crete follow what is generally called a Mediterranean diet. Anyone can make a Cretan pancake recipe, made with flour, cheese, and honey, to sample the local cuisine. Potatoes are part of the modern Mediterranean diet, but weren't introduced to Greece until the early 19th century. Potatoes are easy to cook as long as you know what temperature to bake a potato and for how long.

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